My Selected Books Downloads in More Languages:

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My Selected Books Downloads in More Languages

  • selected books include my Sets B and C Major Series (which is Introductions 3-7 and Psychology 3-8)
  • multiple formats means EPUB, PDF, and RTF file formats contained in a ZIP archive file
  • 4 Languages includes Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Russian
  • Now with English only file names for better software compatibility

My Selected Books Downloads in 1 Language Bundles

My Selected Books Downloads in 4 Language Bundles

Important Notice

Discontinued Websites

I have officially dropped benjamin-newton.INFO, benjamin-newton.NET, benjamin-newton.ORG, and benjamin-newton.US. They will NO LONGER BE MINE nor redirect to any of my websites.

Why Drop Domains?

It makes things simpler & cheaper for me & less confusing for technicians. These will be bought by ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE and be used for any purpose like for ADS or SCAMS.

What Now?

benjamin-newton.COM, will REMAIN MINE for the forseeable future and I HAVE a new domain called

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