Total Experiences The (Military and Mental Illness):

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Dealing with Schizophrenia Key Points

  • Take medicine no matter what
  • Keep busy
  • Find purpose beyond yourself
  • Avoid things that trigger paranoia, depression, and stress
  • Prayer and counseling as secondary treatments
  • Try to eat healthy and exercise
  • Try to get out every day
  • Do not give up
  • Don't expect too much of yourself
  • Accept that you will have this for life

Understand your limitations

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  • Psychology Book Series
  • Main Book Series in Webpage Format
  • Funny Christmas List for the Mentally Ill Person in Your Life
  • Coping with Voices Songs
  • Project Missions

    Missions Overview

    Total Experiences refer to any experience where you cannot get away from like: the military, prison, retirement home, mental health ward/hospital, or group home

    Complete Psychological Topics

    my experiences with the military, as a young adult with Schizophrenia in a mental health ward, group home, in home care, retirement home, medication management, to almost total independence are in the Complete Psychological Topics

    Self Help Collection

    my experiences having Schizophrenia, while being an intelligent, serious, and highly sensitive person learning how to be Christian, liberal, and happy (based on my interpretation of Taoist philosophy) and my experiences with other people being rude, lazy, and irresponsible and my advice on how to become motivated for self improvement: to be empathetic, kind, thoughtful, and sensitive to others needs. (based on my interpretation of Existentialism) are in the Self Help Collection

    Practical Advice Collection

    my experiences living with paranoia and bad luck to encourage people to think worst case scenario in order to become independent, socially responsible, a team player, responsible, healthy, safe, and prepared are in the Practical Advice Collection

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