Strategies for Coping With Schizophrenia Learned from Philosophy

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by Ben Huot

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Insights into Schizophrenia

In treating Schizophrenia, the two key treatments are taking medicine and lowering stress.

You can actually undo the effects of the medicine by being under too much stress.

The biggest thing that causes people stress is often other people.

With Schizophrenia, this stress is magnified.

But Schizophrenia is still a lonely disease and you still want human contact.

One of my strategies is to avoid conflict whenever possible.

Keep this in mind when using this list to reduce your stress.

Using This List to Lower Stress

These are not a list of things to do but attributes to strive towards.

They are hard to do and the philosophy does not tell you how.

I would say most are about humility, calmness, and acceptance of limitations.

Nothing really to “do”. Kind of like a “boring” life.

Don't think. Just do. There is no correct way.

The point of this is to be less stressed not more. Forget trying to do it.

It is not about adding things to do but removing them from your life.


Realize we are all irrational and there are good things about that

Question reality or have self doubt, ask for help and have a willingness to admit mistakes

See death as the defining part of life and not fearing death

Avoiding Pain

Be useless or minimize risk by not being too important or an easy target

Reject the pursuit of money or fame as a way to avoid pain

Eliminate all forms of suffering in your life and others

Do not accept pain as inevitable


Be spontaneous in planning things to do to lower stress

Be creative in solving life problems

Take responsibility with your free choices

Internal Transformation

Find meaning in life through internal struggle and see life as primarily spiritual

Educate yourself as a way of personal growth by reading and learning from other’s experiences

Self-reflect to avoid conflict

Be honest with God as a starting point for your relationship with Him

Self Control

Understand what you can change and what you cannot change

Be a person of peace within and without

Learn how to have better manners

Self mastery is enlightenment