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by Ben Huot

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Definition of Society Reset

Society Reset refers to what would happen when The World as We Know It no longer exists due to natural, human, economic, technological disasters and the social changes due to the shock of the crisis, the damage, the lack of government, and the opportunists who try to take power. We will likely have a different worldview and different values that are likely to be more traditional (pre Industrial Revolution/Enlightenment/American Revolution.

My Qualifications

(1) studying the issue, exclusively, for six months, and buying all the gear, that I recommend, my experience, includes:

(2) being an Eagle Scout (the highest rank in Boy Scouts),

(3) being a US soldier (in the Army),

(4) my combination of bad luck and having Paranoid Schizophrenia (making me think worst case scenario about everything),

(5) my belief in both a connection between present environmental disasters and apocalyptic prophecy and in my own unique conspiracy theories,

(6) my study and interest in world history and other topics like philosophy and religion (which contribute, to my seeing the world, in terms of centuries, instead of generations), and

(7) my interest in having my writing survive for a long time after my death (as it is not understood and appreciated, by this generation, because of how different the ideas are, which makes it more likely, for it to be important, in the future).

Breakdown of Parts

there are 5 parts of my advice for disaster survival:

(1) the Introduction (types of disasters to prepare for, answering objections to preparation, and types of survival kits),

the (2) Survival Checklist (how to not panic),

(3) Complete Inventory of material I bought,

(4) the Bug Out Gear (the small pack to take in case of needing to leave the city fast), and

(5) recommended disaster Survival Books that I bought.

My Location

I live in the Willamette Valley and because of the weather we can grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. We are also thinly populated and have large quantities of very clean water. The best thing for us is to live here.

No, there won't be many people from LA as they will have to cross hundreds of miles of desert on foot, when few people will even get out of the city and the few that make it that far will likely stay in Northern California, because it is a lot like here.

Keys to Survival and Likely Outcomes

The key to survival would be to not give up, having skills that make you in demand without electricity, make the best use of scavenged materials, have most people growing vegetables (by what grow best, not by taste), and staying out of the cities. The final thing to deal with is the people around you, but we will likely have more problems with the animals than with people (especially dogs, raccoons, possums, and cougars).

What type of government that would arise is open to speculation - well organized communities and the people who know the right skills will likely be more powerful, and religion will be more extreme and invasive and will be a basis for power in and of itself.