Survive Disasters: Survival Kits

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by Ben Huot

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Bug Out Gear

This survival kit, called a Bug Out Bag, is designed for survival for several days and contains everything necessary to get you to your permanent retreat, a place in a rural area where you intend on spending a long emergency situation with your family or group of friends, like a farm or ranch. This should be able to be carried by you on foot, as you have to assume that you will not be able to get gas for your car at the time of the disaster.


A doomstead is your permanent retreat. You want to have a piece of land that one member of your group owns, preferably with a number of acres of land in which to weather out a major disaster. You want to be able to get plenty of fresh water, have good soil, mild weather, a homogeneous population, and have low population density.

What to Stock up On

Save as many open pollinated seeds, plastic sheeting / containers, metal tools, soap, warm clothing, fresh water as possible as these are not easy to come by in disaster situations. The following items are relatively inexpensive now but are worth more than gold in times of disaster.

Seeds are the most important thing to save, because they will provide you food in the future, but the seeds that are in your local stores, although cheaper, are hybrids and you cannot grow plants from the seeds of hybrid plants for the following years. You can find open pollinated seeds online.

Plastic sheeting is useful for many things especially waterproofing and sealing rooms from nuclear / chemical / biological contamination, plastic containers can be used to store food and water. Plastic is not easy to produce without modern technology.

Metal tools are very hard to make without access to lots of energy and/or advanced machinery that is hard to get, expensive, and too heavy to carry.

Soap is essential to staying healthy and can be made fairly easily, but is very toxic and dangerous to make.

Warm clothing is important because even if you have mild weather, the climate throughout the world may change quickly and there will be more extreme storms because of global warming.

Fresh water is essential for life and is not always easy to collect from rainwater, in the midst of a disaster, especially if it happens in a dry area or during the summer.

Learn Valuable Skills

The key to survival is to have the know how to be a useful member of society, where you can provide a critical service, that is in high demand. You need to plan on not having access to power.

Farming would be the best skill as we would need 50 million farmers to feed America without access to modern, oil-based technologies.

You can get books on self defense, medicine, plant identification, water storage, gardening, butchering, preserving food, cooking, tanning leather, leather working, sewing, carpentry, paper making, brewing beer, and blacksmithing through and at your local bookstore.


Don't put all your resources into any one thing. Spend some on disaster supplies, save some in cash on hand, save some money in the bank, pay off debts, and lower monthly expenses by canceling unnecessary services.