Survive Disasters: What to Prepare For

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by Ben Huot

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What Kind of Disasters

Every survival list will be different because they are designed for different disasters. You cannot make a kit to survive all possible disasters.

Look at your national or international television or Internet news over the past several years and you will see many of the following in the headlines. Study your local history and past disasters that have happened where you live and work. Study what life was like before electricity and modern plumbing came to your area.

I have focused on the Willamette Valley (in Oregon), so in your preparations you must factor in the variables mentioned below.

Regional Factors

Survival Items Most Affected by Regional Factors

Examples of Major Disasters

vary depend on your location but include:

More Common and Personal or Local Disasters

primarily need financial / related preparation:

primarily natural / related disasters:

primarily social / related problems

primarily medical / related problems

Survival Items Most Affected by Disaster Scenario