Survive Disasters: Answering Objections

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by Ben Huot

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Disaster Preparation is a Kind of Insurance

Some people think to prepare for disasters leads to desiring they come true so you are proved right. But most people who prepare do so for the same reasons people buy different kinds of insurance. People buy life insurance, still hoping they will live, medical insurance, still hoping not to get sick, and car and house insurance still hoping to not to lose their possessions.

The Government Will Not Save You

Some people are willing to rely solely on the government to protect and provide for them in case of disasters. Based on my understanding of how the military operates from my own Army enlistment, based on what happened in reports of survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and hearing disaster plans from the local FEMA office, do not expect the government will help you at all and definitely not until 72 hours have passed at the very least.

In most situations when the power goes down (including water and sewer) for a few days, and food is not delivered for a couple days, riots will break out and the response from the police will be to contain you, not to offer you help. If you have to go to a relief center, be prepared for your personal belongings to be stolen, you will not be able to carry anything for personal protection, even kitchen or swiss army knives which you will never get back, and expect to encounter violence from people who may or may not be part of the government.

Prepare Ahead of Time

If you are planning to wait until the last minute, most people will be doing the same and realize that when the trucks stop coming, there is only enough food for everyone stored in local stores to provide for people for 3 days. Within hours of the disaster, everything in every store that could possibly be of use to you will be totally gone. This happens all the time in hurricane country even when people know it is that season and they have been hit in the past, they still wait until the last minute.

Do not count on having access to any sort of power and expect that you will not be able to use credit cards or toilets. Keep cash on hand in addition to your supplies and keep low denominations because local vendors will likely not be able to give change and instead round off items for sale to the nearest dollar.

God Wants You to Be Prepared

Some people also believe that to have faith in God means that they should depend on miracles to survive, but the Bible teaches in Genesis with the living example of the patriarch Joseph, as a leader under the Pharaoh in Egypt, that we should save a little extra each year for the lean years.

Preparation will Vary According to Your Situation

Preparing will involve different things for different people. Some want to live off grid and live off the land with no power. Others will merely have a a few weeks supply of food on hand. There is no one list because everyone's situation is different.