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There are almost always more than 2 sides to a story.

What is the biggest issue now in society? Trust is. The only real question we really have about this is when did it start? I don't mean the lack of trust. I mean the breach of trust. Definitely many people had myths and later conspiracy stories that talked about this that are as old as time. I think a big part of this goes back to the issue of war, because it is one of the most grevious and destructive sins society as a whole does.

The big war that started opening our eyes to the rest of the World is WW II. Basically, their was a huge technological advance made by Germany in the 19th and early 20th centuries. If the Dutch created the modern society we live in, the Germans invented all the basic technologies we base our society on today. Word War 2 also was a passing of the baton to the Americans from the British of their world empire as the British realized it was necessary to sacrifice their empire to win World War II (the French didn't and that is the sources of a lot of cold war wars).

So we go back to the British and their belief that they were exceptional and that it was God's will that they educate the poor peoples of this world. The British actually got to where they were by pure luck and dirty tricks. First of all, most Northwest Europeans are very close ethnically and were only different because of language which a big part of that was if they were part of the former Roman Empire or not. The British were invaded many times. Their claim to fame was that no one ever invaded and successfully occupied Scotland, including the English.

English history officially traces back to the invasion of England by the French (Normans), later the Scottish king inherited the English throne, then the Dutch invaded England in 1688 to free them from the fears of being forced to be Catholic. When England was young, they were occupied by the Danish Vikings. The English themsleves came from what is now Germany. Now most people in England are half Anglo-Saxon and half Viking genetically.

The biggest reason why we have the major powers of World War 2 being England, France, Germany, and the US is because of the industrial revolution which was made possible by a new kind of plough and slight weather change that allowed them to grow more crops. These countries had the biggest supplies of easy to access coal and iron, which were necessary to sell the premium goods of that generation. The world at that time wanted guns, ships, trains, and bridges that were built with iron and fueled by coal just like today they want electronic products and services from Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.com.

There is now a big distinction made between West and East Europe. This is due to economic changes made possible by the Industrial revolution and the world empires of Western Europe. It would be very hard for countries like Poland and Hungary, who were major players in Renaissance Europe, to become world powers, when they did not have direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, like all the other major European empires had. One of the big reasons why Europe became so powerful and England in particular was because they had totalitarian governments at the time, so they could move quicker and they stayed out of wars with each other (after Napolean and before World War I).

So the Protestant Reformation is often thought of in America as a purely religious movement, but what separated it from many reform movements that existed after the Crusades happend that was that is was just as much about politics as about religion. It was the first instance of a case for International law. The French persecuted Protestants in their own country, while supporting the Reformation in what is now Germany, because they did not want to be taken over by the Habsburgs.

The Habsburgs had the biggest empire of all time including the entire Spanish and Portuguese Empires (at their largest size) as well as modern Germany and Central Europe. At that time the Habsburgs, Polish and Hungarians were fighting off the Ottoman Empire to keep Europe Christian. France went even farther and allied with the Ottoman Empire against their Catholic rivals. This makes a good argument against the morality or unity of Western Europeans.

So the surprising thing about today to Americans is a big yawn fest to the rest of the world. We have now grown up as we learned what it means to hate. We can now fully relate with the rest of the world being motivated mostly by revenge. You can look to how liberals were treated in America in the 20th century to how conservatives will be treated in the 21st.

The next step is to stay out of other countries business as we have a hard time following our own constitution in our own country. Maybe if we agreed that we are not a democracy or for human rights (and we are just an historical accident where we took advantage of a situation and did what was convenient for us) the world may not hate us more than they do the other world powers. The time when we need to worry is not when they hate us, but when they stop caring at all about us.

Our world police state is now spying on its own Empire, not on its resistance. It is hard to trust a country that does not trust you. Too many people in power claim to be religious at the same time they clamor for war (on both those sides). Religion should stand against war and not promote it.

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