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True fear
Is when you cannot trust
Your own mind
Or the voices therein
True cynicism
Only comes from experience
True doubt
Comes from your own failures
How do web start
Climbing upwards
From where we are
As a society
To where we want to be
As individuals
Looking inwards is difficult
And making better choices
Is near impossible
Are we really so bad
Or is our society just too tempting
How do you remain above water
When the waves of desire
Nearly pull you under
With the persistence of a spider
Trying to climb out of porcelain
With the intensity of a political argument
In the spirit of a tai chi master
With the subtle movement of a plant growing
With the gentleness of a hug by a stuffed toy
In the hand of God Himself
With nothing on our minds but our Savior
It is not in fighting
That you achieve the best victory
The better victory
Is in never having to hurt or sacrifice anyone
While we emphasize the power of evil
The biggest determining factor is our own will
Is it enough to just never give up
Or is there a special strength that can be tapped into
The only weapon a Christian has is his Bible
The only one we really trust is the Lord
With each step
It is more painful
And each setback more discouraging
Is it in failure that we try learn
Is there anyway to stand united
Within our own hearts, minds, and wills
If we cannot decide definitely the goal of the endeavor
How can be begin a major journey
How do we know what to learn
If we don’t know what we are working towards
It is only in amount of clarity
That we can see past our own desires
It is only in a series of greater and greater changes
That we can start to build momentum
It is only possible to hold towhead we decided
When we see no other way
It is a delicate balance of God and us
A tightly created choreography by Ben Huot

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