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Can a person be too kind?
Can a person be truly good?
Dropped straight from Heaven
Like an angel walking among us
Wise as a prophet in Scripture
Sharp in mind and soul as a diamond
The best human counselor
The softest heart and strongest mind
Spontaneous in spirit and subtle in decision-making
Of the highest order of service and sincerity
She becomes brighter each day
And stands out more at night
Even if she now walks a little slower
And is a little less steady in stride
She is more careful with others feelings
And more gentle in words
She has fought the good fight with pain and illness
With honor and distinction
With each decision her family grows closer
Her only critic is herself
Always a Mary at heart
But a Martha in action
She has the inner strength
To make mountains move
She is faithful and true
Her candle never grows dim
Her faith is like a lighthouse
She is always ready to see the Lord
She is the subject of the Sermon on the Mount
Her life is a beatitude by Ben Huot

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