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I cannot stop talking
Of what the joy of the Lord brings
I cannot speak enough
Of what God has done for me
Each day I hear His voice
Each night He hears mine
I do not stop to pray
Because I never stop my conversation
With my Creator and Redeemer
In each frustration I experience
He guides me through the thorns
When I struggle as the sea does against the sand
He stands watch over me without ever blinking
There are times when doubt fills my mind and heart
Sometimes I can barely see as the glory of God blinds me
I constantly need to stretch my mind to wrap my head
Around what He reveals to me
I fight to get the words out before I forget them forever
For some thoughts of God there are no words
Language can only take you so far
The Bible keeps being written a new each reading
On the hearts of His people
Who can really understand what God says
Who can truly master the word of God
We cannot understand the mind of God
Anymore than we can be perfect morally
How difficult it is to conceive of God’s point of view
Even when we praise Him
We are just saying what is true
Just as God cannot swear on anything higher than Himself
So our worship is merely a restatement
Of what everyone already knows is both truth and fact
When we turn our face from God
We act out in sin
We understand why we need to fear God
When we ask to be forgiven
We cannot truly understand why He chooses to do so
Sin and evil are a mystery to many
But I think God’s mercy is harder to explain
But God can only be approached with an appropriate attitude
With honesty and sincerity is where the conversation must start
Just as God always accepts us unconditionally
We must never disown Him
We blame God for evil
But who are we to criticize God
He is blameless but we are not
When we accept we need Him
But He does not need us
Our journey of faith has truly started
Until we die we cannot estimate how strong God is
And how weak we are
But faith is not about knowledge
Faith is about worship and acceptance of our reality
Faith is about accepting how much we need God
Faith is about hating evil
But not evil-doers
Faith is an expression of loyalty and respect
But also love and gratitude
Faith is how we understand God
As there are no words that can truly bring us close to Him
As living through a problem too big for us to solve
To bring us victory over things we know not how to fight
Just as the laws of physics need to happen for the universe to exist
So must God be worshipped by Ben Huot

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