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Walking Forward

So cold and so dark
An empty calm
A simple choice
A dedication to a plan
A complete course of action
Across the vast expanse
Lonely and windy
Small lights far away
Step by slow step
A great weight to carry
My destination years away
How far can one’s mind imagine
In each one of my thoughts
I pass a sign
I only know what to do
When I get there
The journey is all only within my own mind
Tracing circles with feet and hands
The process is the outcome
A relaxed walking stride
An empty but serious expression
The land is flat
With hills and valleys
My walk is straightforward
But my thinking never is

Varieties of Loyalty

Is it crazier to think God doesn’t exist
Or that I do not exist
Is it crazier to not follow My Creator
Or not to follow my own way
We fail to ask the right questions
We are too much in a hurry
To even stop talking and fighting
There are greater things to fight for
Then just political processes
There are loyalties that stretch
Far beyond our own place and time
We think that the most important lines
Are the ones people make on paper
We divide our spoils across
Mountains, rivers, and straight lines
We fear that another group
Just like our own
Will tell us what to do
Is it ever worth it
To suffer for other people
To merely serve under another name
We think we can find a solution
But the situation will need to resolve itself
Many will survive the process
But few people will be alive afterwards

Internal Struggle

Why does my heart hurt so much
Why does the pain have no cause
Can you hurt for lack of something
Can you succeed by letting go
Is not the greatest obstacle
Our own lack of self control
How do you fight the enemy
When it lives within you
Weapons made by people
Are only effective against other people
But what do you do
When your feud is between your heart and mind
It is often for those who learn to be strong
To hold their heart in captivity to their mind
But how do we define success in self-mastery
When we cannot even define what it means to be rational
What if the crazy is in your heart and not your mind
What if your mind is not strong enough
To hold your heart within its grasp
How can you win
When you cannot even imagine what that would mean

Fear of What

What is your greatest fear
Is is your country or yourself
We think that the way forward
Is through mastery of technology
But our technology will only enslave us
Because it is what we created
By our own hands to we sink or swim
We may seek swords or mobs of police
To make us feel safe
But it is by our own minds that we will suffer most
You think that a police state is the worst possible outcome
The worst situation is to be captive to your own rotten heart
We think that as we climb higher on the social ladder
The freer we become
But freedom comes from a clear mind and a disciplined heart
The greatest fear for most is pain
The greatest pain for some is fear
Is not the key to wisdom the pursuit of balance
What is more important to control
Your inner or outer life
But who should rule within
Should the mind dominate the heart
Or the heart control the mind

Everlasting Life

We think within our own page of history
But even this book holds only so many pages
Let us try to think beyond this earth, this galaxy, or this universe
Look beyond what we can see with our eyes or even our minds
Beyond the limits of linear time
Into things not driven by cause and effect
How can we really resolve to live in peace
If we can still have make choices and there are still consequences of our actions
We have lived long enough to become better people
But we have not and so we never will
How can people live for eternity without war or any conflict
How can we accept our differences are not enough to suffer or make others suffer
We just cannot get beyond human nature
It is not because we cannot but that we choose not to
What would morality look like if time did not exist?

Society of Facts

Pile upon pile of paper
Digital file upon digital folder
Our records are in constant flux
We have ceased to be able to distinguish fact from fiction
One minute all this exists
The other minute money no longer exists
One minute a country has a history
The next minute it is forgotten
The meaning of our words
And even the very words we speak and write with
Are no longer within our control
How can you believe in absolutes about laws and countries
When they have become nothing more than
Bullet points in a presentation or cells in a spreadsheet
When people no longer bother to learn
What happens when the truth shifts or simply disappears
How can we live life as we know it
When we do not know who did what
When we know nothing for certain
A society based on facts only works
When you can agree on what those are
If there is no source of truth
How do you know what is real and what is not

Forever War

What is a person to do today
Who believes in something
Who has unique ideas
Or who has a different perspective
It is hard to consider all possibilities
When only two views are represented
It is hard to find truth
When the only truth people know
Is what they want to hear
When your mind is shut
You can no longer learn anything
But it is hard to hear what someone is saying
When they scream and curse at the top of their lungs
It is only in a quiet space
With time and room to think
That we can start to form ideas
That are not just the same
Or the exact opposite of what we are told
When there are only two points of view allowed
And they each have the same amount of sensibility
And an evenly divided population of followers
This is the recipe for a war the will only end
When one side no longer lives

Society for the Mentally Ill

What would it be like
To be in a society designed for the mentally ill
A society where people never knew what was real
A society where you could not trust what is right in front of you
A society where you would depend upon others to look after you and tell you how to live
A society where you would be accepted as normal no matter how paranoid you were
A society where you see someone with symptoms of mentally illness as a capable leader
A society where fear is valued and respected
A society that would rather run from a fight than suffer for no reason
A society where you would not accept what you hear at face value
A society where you cannot own a weapon for any reason
A society where you never know what would happen next
A society who knew true fear enough that would not pay for horror stories
A society where no one would be fit for military service
A society that would have to accept that some people are not going to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of everyone else
A society where people would be afraid to speak up for what is right out of fear if society’s reaction by Ben Huot

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