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Some roads are not worth going down
Some things are better left unsaid
Some things are not even speakable
Some things you cannot even imagine
Some people are not worth talking to
Some people you should never anger
Some people you should never challenge
Some situations are not worth experiencing
Some things are better left for others
Some things will save you that you do not understand
You cannot always believe what you plainly see
Some times it is better not to understand why
Some times it will be fear that saves you
There is a reason for everything
Everything has already been planned
We are all actors following a script
Speaking words that are not our own
And doing things we do not want to
There are many levels to understand
There are many levels to some secrets
Some dreams you are not meant to pursue
Some goals are not worth achieving
Some things are so clear that you can see nothing else
Some things are so obvious that you cannot stop tripping over them
We worry so much abut the things we cannot change
And fail to doubt what we think appears before us
God can make things very clear
He can also make doors that cannot be opened by anyone
We all doubt His very existence at times
But some things can only be explained by His presence
He is not just present in everything
He is invulnerable to any trick or power
He created those things that think they can deceive Him
Those that plan against Him are truly foolish
Everyone serves His purposes
Some just delude themselves
Others worship Him as the One True Thing
Everything else doesn’t really exist
We count God’s power and reality
But maybe it would make better sense to doubt our own
We teach children to be creative and know no limitations
But there are many situations you can get trapped in
And many doors you cannot close
Once your brain has sustained certain kinds of damage
There is only so much you can do to compensate
We are not dolls or action heroes
And fixing us is not as easy as using glue or thread
You can be broken in only a way your Creator can fix
Sometimes there are deeper reason for things
And something worse would happen if you were healed
Much as fear can save your life
Sometimes our illnesses and pain keep worse things from happening
It is important to understand that things can always get worse
And you can resolve one problem only to find yourself in greater one
We believe whatever we think we see in front of us
And doubt our beliefs and values
Who is more real
You or God
That is one of the few questions worth asking
If you can answer that question and live your life by it
You may have found the meaning of life
But you get no special insights in return
Nothing more than those who could never understand
You think you can avoid choosing between God and you
You are already standing before Him
You are not going anywhere
Because you are already there
Blind us to this world
That we may see nothing but your face
Give us the strength to merely survive until Your return
Give us the will to resist until the day we die
Sometimes it is better to forget
Then to know to avoid something
From some injuries you will not recover

Cloudy.diamonds by Ben Huot

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