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To most people today
Romantic love is the highest bar
So do today’s prophets
And artists and singers
Preach this message
That sex is love
But there is so much more to romance
And a romantic worldview
Sexual love is seen as the holy grail of faith
It is todays standard way to find joy in life
Does it take less faith
To believe in a loving God
Than to believe that fate will deliver
Faith that it will bring true love
Faith that the love you find in another
Will make yourself happy
That the love will be based on honesty
That the lover will be faithful
That the love will be enough
To survive the storms of life
Can another person make you happy
Can a person alone satisfy you
How can someone that doesn’t know you completely
Give you all that you need
How can a person that does know you perfectly
Accept you for who you are
It is truly a greater thing
To believe in love
Than to believe in God
It takes a greater leap of reason
To finding real peace
In the arms of another person
Truly it is great falling in love
But what is it to those who cannot
Those who are too old, ugly, or picky
To those who no one can love
Because they have so many problems
To those who never meet the right person
To those who cannot afford to wait that long
Romantic love is for the few
Can you really be true to another forever
Can they even to the end of this life
God accepts all and is always faithful
Not only can God truly love us
He does so while knowing who we truly are
He can do this because of who He is
Both Creator and Savior
Only He can bring the peace
That is absent in people
The joy of knowing the God of the universe
Cares about even us little peons
That He became one of us
And showed us how to truly love one another
He knew this was necessary
Before He even created us
Why He loves us is a mystery
But it is the most real love we will ever experience
It is the most genuine acceptance
Of who we really are
We associate love with sex today
But romance is really much more
Romance is not just sex
Anymore than God is just human by Ben Huot

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