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Kingdoms come and go
Empires, Democracies and One World Systems
The land is all there is
That is still the same
A few hundred years later
Your grandkids will awake to another world
Your legacy is in what remains after our society passes
And everything we are is broke down into dust and soil
Since we live in a disposable society
Even our great inventions are disposable
Our leftovers are just rotting garbage
And huge amounts of rusting gadgets
Everything we produce will turn to dust
And our petty squabbles over who to lead us
Will be long forgotten and meaningless
With every step towards greater surveillance and control
We hasten the dissolution of this world system
The modern world will not last long in memory
As our achievements are all on paper or in computer parts
We cannot even run our current system without both paper and software
How do you think America will be a relevant concept
At the end of your grandchildren’s lives
When people describe our current technology
Children will think we are talking in riddles or fairy tales
How ridiculous is it for us to fight
To merely survive in books, buildings, and software
What really survives is not ideas
But the land, the people, and our God
Is it moral to champion the comfort of a million of our countrymen
Or to save the land for the next thousand years
We often think in absolute terms of the world to be
We assume current technology or that no one survives
We think we are just beginning to live
With what we currently are inventing
What we don’t even think of is that this society
Was likely thought of before and planned
And most technology we have now has been reinvented many times
We are not unique in wanting this kind of society
People all throughout history fought much harder for much less
Who would reject a society that provides too much for its people
When we talk about the long term survival of the planet
We think in terms of people
But people are the source of all these problems
There will be time when we can accept
Living without electricity and modern plumbing
Most people believe the world cannot exist without these 2 things
The thing is that few people might live
If we hold onto these 2 things for too long
The problem with human solutions
Is that we were designed to be in symbiosis with God
Separation from God is the true source of our problems
To fix the scale of these problems we need God’s help
Until we as a society can agree to give up control to God
We are just chasing our tails

Cloudy.diamonds by Ben Huot

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