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Things were simpler
When I was young
People had computers then too
But the Internet was different
A big part of computers then
Was about writing and publishing
It was much more academic
And it only appealed to a few
Now computers have become too common
Everyone wants to embrace
Their lack of self control
Their lack of culture
Their lack of manners
Their lack of social awareness
Their lack of common sense
When a society no longer
Cares enough to be polite
When it thinks it needs
Violence to express itself
When it is cool to steal
When it is cool to stalk and bully
And when it is cool to disrespect others
We all lose out
When has it happened that
So few people now have respect for each other
They embrace their inner criminal and vigilante
There is a proper time and place for anything
But there are limits to even that
How do we start to build respect again
How do we create a better community
We blame the machines
But the machines aren’t what created this problem
A certain cheapness and oversimplification in spirit
A certain intensification of what makes us mad
Who really gains from this behavior and atmosphere
Politicians and the media have a responsibility
To raise the level of the discussion
From out of the gutter
Instead, they are the biggest cause
It is good to disagree with the direction society is going in
But not agree on how to fix it
But some types of behavior
Just make others dig in their heels
The maturity of opinion leaders
Has reached an all-time low
The Church is often looked on to bring back morality
But there is no acceptance of God
In the way anyone is acting
Why should we expect God to fix our problems
We need top start learning to be kind and disciplined in our speech
Maybe we need to pay someone to clean up our speech
Like we pay people to clean dog poop and the broken glass
That we litter the streets with
It is nice to have free things
And freedom to express yourself
Maybe we should talk less about politics for a while
And study a little bit more about history and religion
It is in our hearts that the rot has started
And we will only dig out
With great pain and effort
Maybe we just have too much power
Maybe we need a good reason
To broadcast our ideas
And maybe not allow everyone
To leave comments on every news item
When people cannot look themselves in the mirror
While they cannot stop taking picture of themselves
We might begin to wonder
If we should try to do something different
Until then I encourage people to boycott these angry voices
And stop feeding the negativity
Maybe if we all stop responding
They will realize that those kind of comments
Are not appropriate
Better yet don’t even visit these publications
Until they get their houses in order by Ben Huot

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