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Pain is real because the brain is real. Our reality is experienced in our brain. In too many problems in life, learning makes us better at things.

Forgetting things is just as useful. Sometimes a little rebellion can be better than always following everything you are told. Too much humility can be a problem too.

But being more ambitious and a lot more perceptive is not a bad thing either. Some things in life do not have a lot of instructions for them because there is a mystery in their very nature. Why can pain be so variable? Emotions are too.

If you believe it is real, it is happening, and if you fight it, it sometimes grows stronger. Why can Americans not treat pain? This is probably because we cannot relax. We think we have all these responsibilities to the world that we forget about those for ourselves.

Maybe once we accept there is no solution, a solution will come. How do we accept that of all the evil in the world very little can be changed by our will alone? It is great to be strong willed and have definite opinions, but there is something as too much work.

Taking on burdens we do not need to do can add unnecessary stress to our lives. Pain is not easy because life is not easy. It is not fair and it is not even, just as it is with evil. Some people never experience much pain, but some people never have a way to express themselves adequately.

Maybe it is not that we expect too much out of life, but that we expect too much out of ourselves. Maybe the only thing we can do to experience less pain is to do less. If we have achieved the level that we do what is best for others at our own expense, maybe we need to go in the other direction.

Ultimately, we are going to have problems no matter what we do, but, in general, a happy life has balance. This is something Americans know little about. It is not about being good enough or finding the right formula. To some people, it might be easier as their minds can be tricked because it is easier to fool them.

Getting control of your brain is like getting control of your tongue. You have to let go to a certain degree. Just a tiny change in accepting your place in the world can make a profound difference.

You can miss the point because it is so elusive and such a small target. Instead of trying, try giving up. It is only after failure that we can accept our limitations. Once you accept that you will have pain in life, maybe it will be less.

Once you give up trying to find answers, the answer will be revealed. It is not about doing or not doing. It is something more elusive: peace with the world and peace with yourself.

How do we achieve that? I certainly don’t know. Maybe that is the first step.

We can always do more. Sometimes the answer is to do less. by Ben Huot

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