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What we often consider creative or original usually comes from another culture or time in history. The modern world of ideas is a productive of the Enlightenment and Protestantism which are entirely European ideas. The idea of how we want to organize ourselves and what we value in America these days comes from the belief that we will always win and things we always get better for us.

Ours is a culture of a one world empire. We are having a vast explosion in the amount of creative output. We have unimagined wealth in terms of energy and technology. Other times in history they would call this magic. But everything goes in cycles, everything has a counter, and nothing is really original. One of the big themes of history is the mobile “barbarians” defeating the fat and lazy empire.

One of the basic tenants of our society in America today is the importance of information and the speed at which it is spreads. Nobody trusts anybody today so we want to know everything about everyone. Most people see this through themes of our culture and see the problem as being the other major political party.

But there are bigger forces at work, occurring over a much larger period of time: economics, technology, and weather. Most of the world is now looking for a job because we no longer have a growth in sales of luxury goods. People have bought all they need decades ago and all they want now. Growth does not happen forever and we have reached the peak of our planet’s resources.

We have a hard time accepting the way the world works as we do not study world history or world religions. Terrorism is the counter to a society based on information. It is the old idea not fighting the superior enemy on his own terms. Terrorism will not go away precisely because it bothers us so much and is so effective.

The great strength of using terrorism is that it is cheap and easy and hard to suppress. Terrorism is hard to suppress because the terrorists are not an organization or even a network but are united by a grass roots movement based on an idea. Terrorism allows those resisting the one world police state publicity, money, and the opportunity to fight us directly. In the process, it weakens us by getting us to pay for the terrorism through oil sales, bleeding us dry in the amount of money we spend to suppress terrorism, and terrorism helps encourage more terrorism because we report on it.

We do not need better ideas or more innovation. What we need to do is focus as individuals on things we can change like our own lives. We need to accept God’s help so that we might live in symbiosis with God as He intended. We might not be able to be richer or more powerful than other countries forever, but we can become more moral.

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