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When I served in the military, our enemy was people who attacked us and we did not torture. Today, my country does not trust its own citizens, as it spies on us, not the terrorists. If our country does not trust us, we should not trust our country. At the same time, you can learn a lot about the military and intelligence online, as there is more and more information available on websites and in books and film that is not classified at all.

Recently it has been released by the Catholic church that they did intelligence operations on behalf of the Allies during World War 2 and that is why the Pope did not speak out against Hitler (details in Church of Spies book). It was likely not let out until recently because the Vatican waits something like 80 years to release internal records for a lot of sensitive things and there likely was some related intelligence source or method that this would reveal that America or NATO used in some capacity.

This makes you wonder what happened to all those NAZI leaders who snuck out via the Catholic priests to South America. Did they go to interrogation and then firing squads? Did the Israeli NAZI hunters know this?

The current surveillance system was created in the 90s, long before September 11th, 2001. How do you think they were ready all of a sudden after 9/11? One of the architects of this who worked for the NSA and did not reveal any classified information unlike Snowden but was a whistleblower was blacklisted from any employment in technology industry and is basically unheard of.

Army Mission

One of the reasons the Army isn't as prestigious as and cheaper than other services to run is because the Army is not glamorous nor do they get an air force like all the other services do. Our country still thinks it can bomb a country to submission and be able to fight wars without casualties or drafts and wants to use all the money they spent on Stealth technology. They do not want to use infantry if they can avoid it because the US population can't accept this reality.

Our military was designed fundamentally to fight wars against countries with similar worldviews and developed economies like Russia or China. America is having a hard time adapting the whole thinking behind deeply ingrained training techniques that predate our country. We are stepping into a war that has been going on for at least 1500 years, from when Muhammed came out of Arabia and occupied the Christian population in the Middle East. The big dates were not Columbus and the Fall of Rome. They were the Arab invasions where Islam was finally stopped in southern France and the second siege of Vienna where the techniques we use today were developed for.

The big thing that made the world modern was the fall of Constantinople about 50 years before Columbus. The Dutch then basically developed the modern world to get nutmeg to Europe to preserve food and the Habsburgs (the biggest empire ever) used all the gold they stole from South America to fight off Islam. Some of those tiny little countries in Eastern Europe we ignore like Poland, Austria, Hungary and Albania saved France and England from becoming Islamic centuries before now. Unfortunately, France almost destroyed everything by allying with the Ottoman Empire (most successful Islamic empire ever) and financing the Protestant Reformation in what is now Germany (while persecuting Protestants within France).

Another things to think about is not only do we have commitments in both Europe and the Far East for protection of a number of nations (partly because we won't let them have a military) but we also control all the seas lanes over the entire world. We are also constantly running "soft power" operations (via direct action intelligence and special forces) over every country without lots of nuclear weapons.

The Navy must be much more expensive to run than people probably realize. Remember that the Defense Department uses black money so no one really knows how much money they are actually using (and the CIA has its own money printing press). Also, most money now is in electronic storage, so anything can happen to that at any time very easily.

The British learned hundreds of years beforehand that you had to do immoral things to get intelligence and it was never reliable especially when using non-citizens for sources. This is why MI5 AND MI6 were developed so late even though the British had been using intelligence to sabotage their enemies for at least 500 year now. Another alternative to doing this is to increase security of sensitive areas like oil refineries, nuclear plants, and computer networks to responsible levels.

My Experience

I know very little about how intelligence is done, but I do know how the military thinks after serving there and completing all my training before I became mentally ill and got to leave. For those who want to know how things work now in national security in the US, you can learn a lot from the TV show Burn Notice. The main character sums up how national security workers have to accept that the they will have to do bad things for good reasons and good things for bad reasons.

Of course going through Basic Training would teach you much more. What might surprise you about my training is we were never trained to hate anyone, we were not indoctrinated to any kind of ideology, we never were trained in hand to hand combat, and the training was actually too easy and humane to prepare for war.

After training, most soldiers go to light infantry units where they get in as good a shape as olympic athletes. And churches support the military much more than other people would believe. There are actually many different churches on the bases themselves, chaplains are used for counseling extensively, and churches proselytized right in the barracks. Light infantry Army bases let anyone on the base without IDs because there is nothing for people to see or steal.

Also, everyone in my unit wanted to leave even though we were stationed in Hawaii. The rules and penalties are extremely tough for minor infractions and almost all the monetary and education benefits are not available for many reasons. The big way the military helps you in college is that you don't have to count in your parents income, so you are eligible for higher Pell Grants to help pay for college.

There are also many different types of discharges other than honorable and dishonorable. For any benefits, you must have an honorable discharge. Also, if you are in for less than 6 months, they don't even keep records of your service. To be recognized as a disabled veteran is very difficult especially because you have to be able to prove it and they don't count repetitive stress injuries like knee problems (soldiers spend most their time crawling on the ground, not running, so as to escape machine gun fire).

Fight Yourself

When you want to defend yourself
You learn a martial art
But how do you defend yourself from you
When your problems are from others
The answers are obvious
Fight or flight
When the problems come from you
Where do you run to
How do you fight
We see our problems as coming from THEM
What if there is no THEM
There is only us
As a nation, we fear THEM
But to solve our national problems
We must realize we are THEM
It is easy to blame others for your problems
It is harder to recognize that you are the source
It is understandable that we fear a powerful adversary
And that overcoming that will lead us to a golden age
The problem is that the gold is only fool's gold
Much like the golden iPhone
Is just another iPhone with gold paint

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