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Christianity can be summed up simply, but in practice it is hard work. There are no simple answers on how to live your life. Jesus' parables describe it perfectly as do Paul's letters to the churches. The biggest problem in people's lives is sin. Sin causes all suffering. Christians are called to improve themselves by eliminating sin in their lives.

This sounds simple but is not easy. It takes hard work, determination, and persistence. God wants us to fully commit to following Him. He will provide all that is needed, but on the other hand we must put all our effort in as well. We need to prove how important God is in our lives by our choices over time.

I think some Christians often seek to do more and more things to do express their love of Christ, but it is always dicey when spreading the Gospel. People today can get offended very easily and throw you into a simple camp. I think the hardest things for many Christians is that faith takes time and you cannot do it all in one sitting.

One of the biggest problems I see with keeping the faith is keeping busy doing anything productive. The rest of Christianity is mostly devotional practices, learning more about God, and finding some sort of relationships with Christians and non-Christians.

But when it comes to making great changes in lives, the only real life you are responsible for and have the full power to change is your own. Maybe some people don't need God's help as much as they are better people. I cannot relate and many people now cannot relate either.

When I hear these Christians talk, I just get discouraged and frustrated. Maybe some people don't need God as much. Maybe some people are better than us. If you are one of these people, then you are probably happy with the status quo.

When we think of dedicated Christians, we often think of people who live according to a set of strict rules and pray all day. Many of us need to work and most of our work frankly destroys the world or makes it worse in general. We need to find a way to change things in a way that works against this in our spare time.

That takes up most of people's time. For those without work because of disability, old age, or circumstance, I recommend finding something like a job to do. That has helped me out tremendously. Much of our lives now revolve around technology and this is a reality of the kind of world we chose to create (and one of the few things we have in common).

We have been living for a long time and maybe not too much longer in the apocalypse. Our environment is transforming into what is known as hell or the underworld. Much of this drive comes from people who claim they speak for the Church. The modern world is Mystery Babylon.

This did not begin with computers but with modern business. We focused selling luxury products to such an extent that we can make luxury products so cheaply that we make products mostly only sold to emperors in the past. Our economy drives our morality in America.

Most of the world spends most their time looking for work, working, or in some sort of institution, refugee camp, or homeless. Only the very poor or very rich end up not working, which is becoming most of the population, worldwide and in America.

The Gospel has been spread very well, as more of the world is Christian, than every before and Christianity has only been accessible, to most of the world, for only 100 years. When we think of the problems America has with the rest of the world, the problems are basically opposites. The United States, although deeply in debt and socially weak in many ways, is wealthier, better armed militarily, and demographically very well off compared to the rest of the world. When people do not want to go to America or are not actively trying to destroy us, we will no longer be the undefeatable world empire. Until then, we are not united ideologically, but no one else can take us down.

We make the claims every other big world empire does. We are trying to improve the world so just do as we do and everything will be better for you. We do this while ignoring our wealth and our control over the world and the things we do to keep it that way.

We are not a Christian nation and we are not blessed. We are materially very well off because of geography and historical decisions we and others made. We are basically the by product of another empire and the previous population ended up dying off conveniently. Our government has always been self serving and very corrupt from the beginning and is founded on pagan, not Christian views of the world.

The few freedoms we did have at one time came from a government who left you alone as long as you conformed so much that you really didn't have any freedom. The government is very supportive of religion in general as long as they support the status quo. The moment the church challenges anything that is inconvenient (costs money or challenges their ideology) for the state, they find a creative way to make them ineffective or just slaughter them.

The reason why we can say these things is because it makes no difference financially or ideologically. The ideology is set by advertising, the media, and the school system and our ethos is whatever is easiest. Christianity is not the easiest way to live (if done correctly) and so it is falling out of favor in America (not worldwide).

If you want to know what to do to improve people's live in America, look to the problems royalty had in the past and factor in computers.

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