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Why do we try so hard to explain things that are of no consequence? Why do we spend so much time and money on studying things like space travel or theoretical physics? Some things cost so much money and are such long shots that they will never be able to pay for themselves.

It is a combination of our poor understanding of science plus a romantic obsession with one person or one action saving the whole country or whole planet. This is a kind of magical thinking just because we want something to happen or it worked in the past we expect it to happen (again).

I remember as a child being told that black holes are impossible and do not exist. Several decades later it has been decided that black hole are at the center of most galaxies, they are critical in the formation of the building blocks of life, possibly form the basis of the structure of the entire universe, the big bang started out as a kind of black hole, tiny black holes appear and disappear instantly, and now some think that the “missing” planet to explain the orbits of the outer planets and ice belt is actually a black hole the physical size of a baseball or basketball.

Maybe after being so blindsided so many times we may decide that we need to learn more about science and math as we know little about them so that we are easily impressed or fooled by people explaining them. Our whole approach to entertainment and news is to shock people and deliver information not understood well even by the journalist reporting it.

We could have a society that values things of greater consequence and longevity like art and religion, but rather what we treat as magic we have deemed more important than morality or education. We have a society that is run by what we would call in the past peasants and yet we wonder why we make such stupid decisions. At the same time, we have the “power” of what royalty had in the past and so suffer from many of the same problems.

This combination of high technology with a lack of education and no respect for education is hiding us down a dangerous road. We are basically handing over control to the criminals and hostile foreign governments as we fail to grasp even the basic concepts of how we choose to run our society. There is no shame in not understanding the technical details of everything, but if you let someone else run everything for you and not keep a watch on it yourself, you are extremely foolish. If you did that with a business, your managers would gradually get you to sign over your entire company to them.

Another problem we keep beating our heads against is morality. We need to find some dominant belief system to run the country by. The constitution is just not enough to make decisions based on it alone. We should always allow minority religions to run their own parallel system of family law for additional religious based offenses.

We also would be wise to organize ourselves geographically by belief systems. This would be an individuals decision alone and would not be based on genetics or background. Many people may think this unAmerican, but this is already an established way of doing things for the Native Americans and many have recognized that there are different regions of the US that have very different ideas on politics, like the idea of red and blue states.

There needs to be one set of clear laws in a given country that cover basic morality needed for the country to run, and if that basic level cannot be agreed upon, maybe the nation needs to split up. This ties very closely with white collar crimes vs. violent crimes where hackers get away with doing things online is politically acceptable that would be illegal if done offline.

We need to come to an agreement on whether the Internet should be treated as the real world. If we do not consider it the real world, we need to roll back to when it was just used for academic purposes, and effectively undo decades of work on our entire country’s and businesses’ infrastructure. Since real money is sent across the Internet and real goods are exchanged for it, we need to see what happens online to be as significant as what happens in our physical communities.

If we cannot get this under control, we are going to gradually undo our entire civilization. If this is not addressed soon, America and the entire world system will become irrelevant. We will have undone the basic ideas of civilization. A society without laws is no good to anyone, even the criminals. When everything breaks down, everyone loses. by Ben Huot

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