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Schizophrenia is less about fighting against paranoia than simply taking your medicine and letting it work. Counseling is considered ineffective with Schizophrenia as a primary treatment. It does not work to try to convince a person with Schizophrenia that their delusions and paranoia are not real, because their brain is telling them something different. A person in a wheelchair can fight back about being able to walk and try to overcome this disability too, but most people would not expect them to be able to walk, no matter how hard they tried.

Schizophrenia does not give you any special powers or give you any special understanding of life anymore than someone who has had another traumatic life experience like being homeless, being in the military, or living in the third world. Schizophrenia is truly life changing and definitely gives you another view of reality, but it is not heroic nor does it give you any special insights on the human condition.

Schizophrenia is a disability. Surely you can do your best to cope if you take your medicine. But even though it makes you a very different person and you can still accomplish significant things, the illness itself never gives you anything positive. You cannot expect the same things you did before the illness like a person with diabetes cannot eat the same as they did before they were diagnosed, without very bad results.

Schizophrenia sounds interesting to doctors and care workers, but people do not understand what it is like. The working poor often get jealous because they think not having to work a job would make life much easier. The thing I desire to do more than anything else is work a simple job. If you describe mustard gas clinically it doesn’t sound that bad, but experiencing it is hell on earth.

The difference between being stressed out, fearful, and suffering anxiety does not mean you have Schizophrenia. The magnitude of the symptoms and the specific symptoms you experience have to fit certain criteria that only a psychiatrist can diagnose.

Schizophrenia is no jackpot. Most people who have Schizophrenia cannot live without major assistance. For instance, someone else controls your money. Over several decades of having Schizophrenia, a significant portion of those people commit suicide. There is also a huge degree of depression both as a direct symptom of the disease and also having to cope with a major life illness you will never recover from.

Schizophrenia is a very lonely illness because you are so paranoid and stressed out be being with more than one other person that you cannot maintain friendships. You make very little money from the government and life is little better than being homeless or in the military. It takes many years to realize you have a mental illness, be diagnosed and get enough government services so that you are not homeless as well.

Many things you enjoyed before are not usually not possible. Most people with Schizophrenia cannot read as they did before the illness. People with mental illness are usually single their whole lives. They live in poor communities and are often the victims of crimes.

They are constantly hungry no matter how much they eat and tired no matter how much they sleep. The medicine is not good for you long term and actually causes diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. You are constantly under a huge amount of stress and so get a variety of health problems that are stress related. People with Schizophrenia also fixate on one thing, cannot control their money, and exhibit various obsessive compulsive disorders. Most of the mentally ill are overweight and have poor personal hygiene.

People with Schizophrenia are denied the right to bear arms in the United States. Despite not being anymore violent than anyone else, the mentally ill do not have good experiences with the police. If you are considered a harm to yourself or others or do not keep your house clean enough, you can be forcibly be committed. You can also be forced to take your medicine, which is not done with any other disease.

Most of those in the medical profession and even psychiatry prescribing medicine know little about mental illness more than how the medicine works and even know little about basic concepts in psychology. Many people offering services for those who are mentally ill are not very responsible or even try to understand how the mentally ill think. They add additional stress because they are not aware of what is reasonable to expect of the mentally ill.

You get so little money from the government so that you are entirely dependent on government services. These services are one of the first things that gets cut when government does budget cuts. The developmentally disabled get huge amounts of money and are given huge amount of freedom compared to the mentally ill. People physically disabled get huge funding from the government to compensate for those who are blind or cannot walk or are just old.

It is important to understand that there is a huge difference between being evil and being insane. Most of the mentally ill are victims of crimes, not criminals. The key to treatment is to get the mentally ill to take their medicine, but it is the medicine itself that makes you so tired and apathetic that you have trouble remembering to take your medicine.

The key to fixing life for the mentally ill are some of the things that would help most people who are poor for a variety of reasons. More low income housing, better bus services, public health care and some solution to the homeless problem would help the mentally ill. The problem is that it takes money and everything today is political, even math and science, and money always is.

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