Thank God

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by Ben Huot

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I Have the Privilege of Experiencing


I was born and lived my entire life in the United States

I have lived mostly independently for 15 years

I have one of the best apartments I can find in town


I have one of the best families in the world

I get to live very close to family and see them often

All my family is well taken care of

No Burdens

I have very few responsibilities

I have never been in debt

I have found my way back to a good church


I have enough things to keep me busy

I have time and inspiration to write

I actually have too much content for my website


I never have to travel

I am not very important

Nobody important hates me

I Only Had to Experience Once


I only had to be in the Army for a little over a year

I never had to be called back

I only had to experience the gas chamber once

Mental Illness

I have only had one paranoid episode

I only had to be in a psychiatric unit once

And was committed voluntarily

And I was able to leave in 10 days


I only had to live in a group home for about a year

I only had to liver in a retirement home for about 2 years

I Never Experienced

Bad Living Situations

I was never homeless

I never had to serve prison time

I never had to have a roommate when living on my own

Army Issues

I never had any disciplinary actions in the Army (Article 15s)

I never had to do POW training

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia before 9/11

No Combat

I never had to breathe in smoke from burn piles

I was never deployed

I never served time in combat

I never had to step foot in Iraq or Afghanistan