Criteria for Inclusion - Recommended History and Religion E-Books

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by Ben Huot

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Major Topical Focus

This list is focused on world history for Asia, Africa, and Europe, with a major emphasis on Asia and a very small amount of focus, on Western Europe.

There is also a secondary focus, on major world belief systems, so that the perspective is varied as well.

Time period focus is the Premodern (or Late Antiquity to Early Modern) Period, which includes Asian Golden Age, Medieval Europe, and Pre-Colonial Africa (about 300 AD - 1800 AD). I have studied the history and writings produced during that 1,500 year period across most of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

I also have tried to include books, that show a different perspective, than people typically study and try to correct things that most people, who study history, learn wrong, for a variety of reasons.

Technical Criteria

Reasonably Priced: Another consideration is the cost and availability of the works. All these works should be available on Apple's iBookstore in iTunes for use on iPads, iPad Airs, iPad Minis, and other Apple devices besides Macs like iPhones and iPod Touches, as I have bought all of them there and have them on my iPad. Some books are free and some are as high as $40.

Minimum Number of Pages Per Book: Europe - 500 pages, Asia - 450 pages, and Africa - 450 pages

Geographic Organization

The most important books are organized by region and/or country, then by major historical time periods.

Country for classical written work or biography is determined using the American tradition. People are listed under country, by the one they lived in when they wrote their books or lived in during their main career. This is different than the old world tradition, which determines nationality by where they were born.