Hidden Gems: Cloudy.diamonds

picture of me at puzzle day in black and white 2 color drawing


This website is Cloudy.diamonds by Ben Huot

This is my secondary website all about me, my original writings, graphics, and designs inspired by my faith and my philosophy.

concept map for quality of life for Christians hunter version

Hidden Gems

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ice cream cone shape from combined clouds on top of diamonds shapes

Color Books

I have made some gold colored versions of my original books for screen viewing in PDF format.


I now have a some WebP (like PNG or JPG) slideshows for some of my most important collections of my vector graphics.

First Apartment

I have a list of things to get and advice for those getting their first apartment.

Concluding Thoughts

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My Philosophy

I like and seek challenging projects and clarity in every aspect of life. My greatest journey is an inward one, hand in hand with God. Self mastery and obedience to God is enlightenment. Remember, God has feelings too.



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Thanks to God for the Good Parts of my Website, Books, Designs, and Graphics.