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Bible and Truth

Remember, if you see anything written or spoken that is not word for word from the Bible, it is their opinion and may or may not be Biblical. I am not trying to convince you of anything, but I have my own views and I will present them as true as that is the best I know and believe. My writing is based on a combination of Philosophical Taoism plus Existentialism which I think are more compatible with Christianity than Aristotle or Plato, which very much have been synchronized with Christianity.

I do not feel a need to prove anything to anyone except God. I am not running a Bible study and many things I talk about the Bible in conjunction with are not word for word from the scriptures, so you should treat them the same as someone else who talks about the scripture, but isn't reading or quoting directly from the Bible. Every great philosopher makes big errors in logic and are often even factually incorrect about parts of the Bible. I am no greater than they are.

I am one of the last Christian intellectuals who also believe in the Bible. I just believe that there is more revealed to us than is in the Bible. I also believe there are no absolutes we can be sure of out of what the Bible says and is clear about. I know from Scripture that people worshipped and were saved by Jesus Christ, by their faith and God's grace, but they had no Bible and Christianity would not exist for thousand of years. There is enough reason to believe in and worship the Christian God just looking at creation itself. Again, not quoting from the Bible directly, so I could be just as wrong as every theologian could be.

I see faith as primarily an act of the will and salvation a choice, not an intellectual endeavor or a supernatural event, although it can be understood to an extent from both those views. I believe in both sides of most major doctrinal splits of the Church as I believe most Biblical doctrines are paradoxes. I think we need to understand God primarily through faith, not reason or the miraculous. If you need this explained how this relates to Scripture, you probably have a poor understanding of Scripture.

I am more likely to believe the orthodox traditions of the church are more similar to the early non-Protestant churches like the Coptic (Egypt), Syriac (Syria), Church of the East (Iran and Iraq), and Eastern Orthodox (Greece and Turkey) Churches. This is because they were the church in the beginning and for a very large chunk of history and have similar views in a lot of ways compared to Protestant churches (with a few exceptions). Again, not quoting from the Bible directly, so I could be just as wrong as every church could be.

I am not trying to start a new religion or denomination. I am not even trying to get anyone to adopt any of my views. I want to encourage people to study the Bible but also to study philosophy and be a thinking believer and use critical thinking to decide what is Biblical and what is not in your interpretation of Scripture. You also are just as likely as a person to be wrong about your theology, unless you are quoting from the Bible directly.

My Synopsis of Politics, Prophecy, and Future Trends

I believe that we are currently living in Mystery Babylon (world police corporation run by the devil) of the end times as that this is a synonym for modern society. This police corporation is a evolution of the military industrial complex of the cold war and now the big internet companies, the advertising world, independent hackers, organized crime, and state-sponsored hacking which are converging to become one many headed beast with similar objectives - more and more information on us.

It is a re-creation of a totalitarian state but done more with technology than people and done internationally. This has been done under the name of fighting terrorism but is also the same international government response to disease. It is not the Middle East or China they are worried about but their own populations.

The conventional government is being outsourced in the most important parts like the entire defense department and the criminal justice system is being outsourced now as well. Many prisons are now private, the police operate like the military and intelligence agencies and are more and more being run by artificial intelligence, and many want to unfund them totally. The judges have opposite ideas and the only reason why the supreme court has decided on the legal position the government should take on social issues is that its has an odd number of members.

Health care and education are becoming so expensive so that they are becoming irrelevant. These are going to be fully disrupted and someone will make a fortune making it affordable although likely not comparable. Everything funded by taxes is going to be sacrificed so that we can continue to run the military and social security unsustainably until the government becomes irrelevant for most purposes.

The church is finding it will lose popular support if it does not re-invent itself organizationally. Christians might have to stop their unquestioning support of the government as it becomes very hard to legally coexist with a society where radical feminism and reverse racism are mainstream. We have to return to the Bible and reimagine what we are trying to do and how to go about it as the mainstream and Christianity are encountering irreconcilable differences. This will shake the idea of God and country to its core. The changes will be as radical as the Protestant and Catholic Reformations.

Some of the people in power have romanticized the Cold War and are trying to recreate it with China as the other world power. This is also part of the big push to go to colonize space. There also seems to be a huge 9/11 level change in our intelligence to focus on disease instead of terrorism as the number one enemy of the world police state. The major liberal movements like feminism and reverse racism have re-united under a common cause and are winning the current culture wars and the next generation.

Instead of fighting an idea (terrorism), the world police corporation is now trying to fight the natural world (disease). Now the Internet and related companies are going to get much more powerful much faster and this situation will evolve faster and faster with each wave of disease and our responses to them. It is interesting that the entire world dealt with the disease in very similar ways. I also believe we are creating hell in our destruction of the earth. I believe that even though this is true that it is very possible that Jesus Christ will not return for centuries or more from now.

This is not word for word from the Bible so consider it like any other person talking abut the Bible but not quoting it word for word. Some people see it and other don't. Believe what you will. The main reason why they don't see it is because we as Americans are the head of that police corporation.

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