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Ben-New Base Code Classic

A Pure CSS Framework

by Ben Huot


  • This entire PDF and website HTML and CSS code for Ben-New Base Code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Change all you want and distribute it freely in any format, but just give me credit for it (after removing the content text).
  • Commercial, government, educational, non-profit, personal, or any other purpose or context is totally free (except you need to give me credit)


  • with NO 3rd party dependencies, images, or Javascript
  • but you can add what you like
  • aimed at “old school” websites like mine that are there to present information only (NO 3rd party content support included)
  • designed just to give information like books without any support for Ads
  • works on watches to widescreens
  • ultra lightweight, accessible, and aimed at slow connections
  • based on what I learned of HTML5 and CSS3 from 2009-2019
  • The previous approximately 10 years I did the best I could with what we had at the time


  • This code is the best from my website design set up so you can either leave it as it is, or modify the design code to suit your needs, and it should work for you
  • Be sure to remove the sample content text, including the ones for the header and footer, which are not always visible
  • Put the entire folder and its contents on your website - it is meant to be self contained and portable
  • The only third party technology that this website framework needs is a web server set up for server side includes - this should work out of the box with Apache, Nginx, or any other major web server online or offline
  • You could probably set it up to be fully flat files by having a static site generator or some sort of Javascript contraption but you would have to set that up or build that yourself

I like and seek challenging projects and clarity in every aspect of life. My greatest journey is an inward one, hand in hand with God. Self mastery and obedience to God is enlightenment. Remember, God has feelings too.

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  • All Material Copyright Ben Huot 1998-2021. All Rights Reserved (unless otherwise stated).
  • Thanks to God for the Good Parts of my Website, Books, Designs, and Graphics.
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