Ben-New Website Toolkits:

This Website is

Introduction / Description

I have released my website building toolkit based on the code of my website.

Get the boring out of the way, but don't leave out efficiency.

Since they don't use Javascript at all, they are all compatible with any vanilla Javascript, Javascript framework, or Javascript library

Do any websites use these? My current websites do.

Important Notice

Discontinued Websites

I have officially dropped benjamin-newton.INFO, benjamin-newton.NET, benjamin-newton.ORG, and benjamin-newton.US. They will NO LONGER BE MINE nor redirect to any of my websites.

Why Drop Domains?

It makes things simpler & cheaper for me & less confusing for technicians. These will be bought by ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE and be used for any purpose like for ADS or SCAMS.

What Now?

benjamin-newton.COM, will REMAIN MINE for the forseeable future and I HAVE a new domain called

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